White Widow

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White Widow

White Widow Strain Review

White Widow Physical Qualities

Visual Appeal: 9 visual appeal of buds 1-10 fail – excellent

Visible Trichomes : 10 visible trichome content 1-10 none- covered

Green, purple, white, Amber

Bud Density : 9 Bud Density from 1-10 airy – dense


Earthy, Spice, Skunk, Subtle Sweet

Comments: Very Frosty, absolutely dusted in trichomes.

Smoke Attributes:

Utensils: Glass Pipe

Taste: 7 Taste score from 1-10 gross- perfect

White Widow taste is old school earthy with sweet undertones.

THC Content: 16%

Comments: Smooth earthy smoke bringing on a stellar head/ up high


Effect Onset: 2 scale of 1-10 fast-slow

Sativa Influence: 60% Sativa Influence (for more on sativa and Indica effects see http://eastcoastmarijuana.net/indica-vs-sativa/

Indica Influence:40% Indica Influence

Potency: 9 strength from 1-10 weak-very potent

Duration of Effect: Up to 3 hours

White Widow Uses:

Morning/ Wake up: 8                                  Day/Work: 8                              Evening relaxing/Social: 10                                              Night/ Sleep: 4

Overall Satisfaction: 9 1-10 scale poor-great

White Widow Positively Effects the Following Conditions:

Pain Relief

Sedative/ Opiate Dependence






Final Thoughts:

For those looking for a cerebral ride with an up social high,White Widow is what you need.  Not the best taste score but this is straight chronic.

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