trainwreck weed

Trainwreck is a strain you want to break out when you have time to kill.  Not a great wake and bake option, trainwreck weed leaves you feeling like your 10x as heavy as you really are.  Maybe the intense highs come from the thick smoky hits, or the sativa dominant genetics, but either way it is undeniable.

Trainwreck comes in chunky weed nugs that look great.  We obtained our sample from our preferred care giver that we work with often and once again they did not disappoint.  Our sample of trainwreck weed was way to sticky to break up with our fingers so we broke out the grinder and mashed it up.  In a glass bowl it burns fast giving huge hits we were’t ready for (cough cough).


THC Content- 16%

Taste- Very fresh organic taste like many sativas

Effects- Fast acting and hard hitting, high starts in the head and face and almost forces you to sit down

Sativa Influence- 65%

Indica Influence- 35%

Potency- 9/10

Harshness- 6/10

Duration of effect- up to 5 hours

Best When Used:

In the AM- 4/10

During the Day- 5/10

Socializing- 7/10

During Responsibility- 2/10

At Night- 10/10

Effective at Treating:

Trainwreck is well known for numbing pain, especially headache type pain.  It can be effective to resolve anxiety in veteran smokers, for some the THC content may be too high and have a chance to worsen anxiety and paranoia.

Stress- 8/10

Pain- 9/10

Anxiety- 6/10

Insomnia- 7/10

To us, trainwreck is a weed strain that would be considered a specialty and not something to break out everyday.  We enjoy a lot of outdoor activity and are on the go a lot so these types of strains are usually reserved for a particular reason, such as; a headache, a really funny movie, listening to music before going to sleep etc.  If your relaxing by a campfire it may be a great choice.  It is interesting how such a sativa dominant strain can create the outcome trainwreck does.  For many veteran smokers they were able to “fight” through the lazy feeling and when coming down didn’t experience any couch lock type of side effects and were actually ready to go about their day.

Leave a comment with your Trainwreck experience.

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