Sour Diesel

sour diesel weed

Sour Diesel Weed



Sour Diesel weed is a potent sativa strain.  It gets its name from, and is most well known for its aroma.  It has been said to smell like an open drum of diesel fuel spawning its name, sometimes referred to as Sour D.  This strain will give you a fast acting euphoric high which is characteristic of sativas but doesn’t have much of the sativa energy.  Conversely it is not known to leave you couch locked.

Effects- Mostly cerebral high, with uplifting feelings.  Users often report a positive perspective on things that were bringing them down before.  Happy and euphoric are also descriptors for sour diesel weed.  The high will give you more energy than Indicas but not as much as some other sativa strains.

Medicinal Uses- Sour Diesel weed most helps those with overwhelming stress.  The altered perspective is perfect therapy for people feeling impending stress from all areas of their life.  Right along with that is anxiety, sour diesel help takes the edge off, especially since anxiety often comes with feelings of overwhelming stress.  Sour diesel weed can also be useful to increase appetite and decrease pain sensations.

Drawbacks- The main side effects of Sour Diesel weed are the usual suspects like dry mouth and red eyes.  Hey, your smoking weed right?  Nothing your favorite gatorade and some visine can’t handle.  Some people (and we think this population is probably amateur smokers) report paranoia and anxiety, these side effects are common among strong weed strains.

Other Info-

Sour Diesel Weed is 90/10 Sativa

THC content-  20%

Grow Difficulty- Medium


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