Green Crack

green crack


THC Content- 16%

Taste- Fresh taste, quite smooth, very very aromatic.

Effects- Green crack works fast.  It is a strong Sativa high that comes on strong but plateaus fast leaving you feeling light and energetic.  You can remain functional while experiencing green crack.  The high doesn’t last too long compared to other strains.  It makes you want to go back for more, probably how it got its name!

Sativa Influence- 90%

Indica Influence- 10%

Potency- 7/10

Harshness- 4/10

Duration of effect- up to 2 hours

Best When Used:

In the AM- 7/10

During the Day- 9/10

Socializing- 10/10

During Responsibility- 5/10

At Night- 3/10

Effective at Treating:

Green Crack is a medical marijuana strain that gives an energetic high that can help take your mind off from all kinds of minor to medium pains.  It is also effective at “refocusing” your mind and taking your attention off of stressors.  This ability along with the fact that the duration is not overwhelming and the comedown leaves you feeling “normal”, make Green Crack great at treating stress.

Stress- 8/10

Pain- 8/10

Anxiety- 8/10

Insomnia- 3/10

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