Durban Poison

durban poison
Durban Poison is a very strong Sativa. Named after the South African port town of Durban, this strain is grown best outdoors in sub-tropical climates. It can be grown in almost any part of the United States with decent results making it a fairly easy strain to grow.

Effects– The effects of durban poison are mostly uplifting. This strain sends your head to the sky. We got huge bursts of energy and creativity found from strong sativas. The downside is that if you are cooped up or around a lot of people you may not know how to channel this energy and may experience anxiety.

Euphoric and Happy are also adjectives describing the felings you get while toking this strain.  It is definatley an upper and you don’t have to worry about couch lock with this strain.

Medicinal Uses– Durban Poison is best at treating stress.  This strain will reframe whatever is on your mind to a positive light and allow you to carry on with more energy.  This is very useful to many as we al can become overwhelmed at times and allow stress to impair our health.

Durban Poison is also good at treating Anxiety.  Although it may cause anxiety when used in the wrong environment, if the user has an activity to do this strain can make them focus on that activity and forget about whatever may be making them anxious.

Durban Poison is a good strain for treating pain, it can dull the pain sensations as well as taking your mind off from dull aches caused by back problems etc.

It has been reported that this is a decent strain to deal with migraine headaches.

Durban Poison will also give you the munchies once you start to come down from the high, maing it a good choice for those with lack of appetite problems.

Drawbacks–  The number one drawback is the intense dry mouth, have your favirote beverage ready while using Durban Poiosn.

A distant second is dry eyes.  Not as prominent as other strains but most all marijuana strains give you these first side effects on some level.

Paranoia for some has been reported, as stated earlier it often depends on what your environment is and how you personally handle sativas.

Some also report cases of dizziness, this may occur with high doses giving you a ‘trippy’ feeling.

Overall Rating– 9

May be sativa bias but we think a lot of this strain.  We have seen good luck growing durban poison in the northern hemisphere and really fall back on this strain as a ‘go to’ whenever there is an activity to do, especially outdoor ones.

Other information-

THC level- 15%

Taste- Sweet, liquorice like

High yield, easy to grow, flowers at the end of Septmeber.


Very euphoric high I always feel like getting up, as a matter of fact I can’t sit still.”

“Energetic,’up’ feeling, very baked feeling but always wanting to go outdoors and play sprots and stuff.”

“So cerebral, I use this strain all the time during the day if I feel overwhelmed or if I am hangin iout with friends, sometimes I can use it in a work setting if i need ideas and have tasks to focus on but nothing over pending because I may get anxious.”


What have your experiences with Durban Poison been like?