Blue Dream

blue dream strain

kyle420o0 / Foter / CC BY

Blue Dream is what you get when you take the best attributes of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica and bred them together.  You get the amazing cerebral highs from its Sativa genes, and the sought after body highs induced only by true Indica genetics.  The one question this strain continues to raise among its users is; why didn’t I know about this sooner?

A mixture of Blueberry and Haze this hybrid is our new favorite strain for…. well for everything!

We obtained our sample of Blue Dream from our friendly neighborhood caretaker.  Blue Dream didn’t get a maximum score for bag appeal and aesthetics but it does score high in smell and taste.  Taste was awesome delivering a fruity taste that resembles its Blueberry bloodline.


THC Content: 15-20%

Taste- Fruity, gets a 9/10

Effects- Effects are long lasting starting with cerebral high and easing into the relaxing effects of its Indica ancestry

Sativa Influence- 50%

Indica Influence- 50%

Potency- 8/10

Harshness- 4/10

Duration of Effect: up to 4.5 hours

Best when used:

In the AM- 6/10

During the Day- 8/10

Socializing- 9/10

During Responsibilities- 4/10

At Night- 8/10

Affective at Treating:

Blue Dream is well known for its pain numbing abilities.  Being a half and half hybrid this strain is actually very versatile.  It is also used commonly to treat;

Stress- 10/10

Anxiety- 7/10

Insomnia- 6/10

No Appetite/Wasting- 5/10

Overall Rating and Comments- 9/10

Right off when we tested Blue Dream we were impressed.  A 50/50 split really seems to do the trick for so many situations.  Even the most established connoisseur would feel like this is the only medicine he needs to have on hand for multiple scenarios, anxiety, pain relief, relaxation, all taken care of.  As stated before this is a pretty bud but showing off isn’t its forte.  It shines with its performance, if your looking for a great all around strain that will make you feel great in any situation, give this a test run.

Leave a comment with your Blue Dream weed experience.

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