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Marijuana Strain Review | Sensi Star

Physical Qualities

Visual Appeal: 9 visual appeal of buds 1-10 fail – excellent Visible Trichomes : 10 visible trichome content 1-10 none- covered

<Bud Colors:

Green, Brown , Gold, Rust, White   

Bud Density : 8 Bud Density from 1-10 airy – dense


Zest, Citrus, Spice, Skunk

Comments:  With so many trichomes this strain has tremendous bag appeal.  These nugs looked dank.

Smoke Attributes:

Utensils: Glass Pipe

Taste: 10 Taste score from 1-10 gross- perfect

Sensi- Star taste was fantastic and consisted of fruty/zesty flavors similar to sour diesel

THC Content: 16%

Comments: Very easy smoke that is portent and brings on a killer body high.


Effect Onset: scale of 1-10 fast-slow

Sativa Influence: 10% Sativa Influence (for more on sativa and Indica effects see

Indica Influence: 90% Indica Influence

Potency:  10 strength from 1-10 weak-very potent

Duration of Effect: Up to 3 hours


Morning/ Wake up: 2        Day/Work: 2                     Evening relaxing: 8                           Night/ Sleep: 10

Overall Satisfaction: 9 1-10 scal poor-great

This Strain Positivley Influences the Following  Conditions:

Pain Releif



Sedative/ Opiate Dependence




Final Thoughts: A sure winner here.  Sensi Star lives up to its status as an Indica leader.  It does what it sets out to do in a big way, medical patients suffering from pain who find it difficult to sleep will want to strongly consider trying this medicine.  We think it could change your life!

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