OG Kush

Kush picture

OG Kush Pictures

OG Kush Physical Qualities

Visual Appeal: 9 visual appeal of buds 1-10 fail – excellent

Visible Trichomes : 10 visible trichome content 1-10 none- covered

Bud Colors:

Green, Purple, Amber, Rust

Bud Density : 9 Bud Density from 1-10 airy – dense


Spice, Lemon, Pine

Comments: Very dense nugs, huge bag appeal, your hands will be shaking taking Og kush buds out of the bag!


Smoke Attributes:

Utensils: Glass Pipe

Taste: 7 Taste score from 1-10 gross- perfect

Smooth on small tokes but big rips are going to give you some sore lungs!  Taste has slightly sour hues.  The skunk flavor was pretty strong, some people may like that, those used to smoking a strong sativa may appreciate it.

THC Content: 16%-20%

Comments: Smooth earthy smoke bringing on a stellar head/ up high


Effect Onset: 2 scale of 1-10 fast-slow

Sativa Influence: 85% Sativa Influence (for more on sativa and Indica effects see Marijuana Strain Review | Indica vs. Sativa

Indica Influence:15% Indica Influence

Potency: 9 strength from 1-10 weak-very potent

Duration of Effect: Up to 3 hours

OG Kush Uses:

Morning/ Wake up: 9                                   

Day/Work: 9                                                        

 Evening relaxing/Social: 10                                          

Night/ Sleep: 4

Overall Satisfaction: 9 1-10 scale poor-great

OG Kush Positively Effects the Following Conditions:

Pain Relief








Wasting Syndrome

Comments: OG Kush is a very broad strain and has been used to treat almost all conditions cannabis benefits.

Final Thoughts:

A great day time upper with relaxing and sleeping properties as well.  When you come down from a late evening high you will be very relaxed and ready for bed.  If you come down from a daytime high there is no hard crash.

OG Kush

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