Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush

While Shaun White tears it up in Aspen during the X-Games, Kandy Kush tears it up at the Western Slope Cannabis Crown also held in Aspen.  This strain which combines OG Kush with Trainwreck is everything you would expect it to be.

First thing you notice upon inspection of Kandy Kush is that you cannot hide the smell, and why would you want to?  Bag quality is that of any other high quality medical marijuana strain.  When my care giver told me he had a batch of this I was all about trying it out.  With one of my favorite strains being Headband, I enjoy all forms of OG Kush.

Also, having experienced this strain while travelling to the Vail Valley area of Colorado I can say that it was no wonder why this home town hero did so well in nearby Aspen.  Kandy Kush delivers a very cerebral high while  feeling stoney but focused.  This is a creative strain that would be good for relaxation as well as vigorous activity.  Watch out newer smokers, this strain is potent with the THC content of Kandy Kush being around 20%.

Since Kandy Kush is a blend of OG Kush and Trainwreck, it becomes a near perfect hybrid of Indica and Sativa with Indica winning out 60% to 40%.

The taste of Kandy Kush is fruity and smooth.  Some people complain of the smoke being harsh but I didn’t experience that in our sample.

Some people will experience the Indica part of Kandy Kush as lethargy or couch lock while coming down.  If you can get your hands on this strain where you are you need to give it a shot.  Anytime two potent strains like this are combined right,  its worth looking into.

I give this strain a 8 out of 10 because of the effects and the quality.  What keeps it from being perfect is that the high doesn’t keep you uplifted for very long.  However the way it lets you down into a tired state also makes this strain quite versatile for many different medical conditions.

Let us know your experience with Kandy Kush in the comments.

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