g13 weed

Review of the legendary weed strain- G13

We have all heard the urban legends about how G13 was supposedly created by secret government agencies made up of DEA, FBI and other alphabet boys whose mission was to come up with the most potent marijuana strain ever seen.  We are not sure if the urban myths are true or not, but it is easy to see why they cropped up.  This really is one potent and fun strain!

G13 is a very powerful Indica


Euphoria is the most sought after and prominent effect of this strain, very happy.

Creativity is the next most pronounced positive effect, although some may feel lazy, music or other vehicles of creativity should snap users out of it.

Initially users will experience an uplifted feeling that fades into a tired stereotypical Indica high if you continue to sit around.

Medical Uses:

Stress is definitely the most relevant ailment g13 will cure, things will be much more manageable.  G13 weed will give you a perspective that you couldn’t see before under stress.

It is also good at taking care of mild to moderate pain as well as insomnia.

In some cases people may find it very helpful to aid in feelings of social anxiousness, however be warned that g13 weed is very potent and can easily get you “over high”.

THC Content: The 28% thc level is the highest on record giving reason to why many consider this to be the king of all strains.

Aroma: Chemical pine with sour apple hints.  Similar good taste.

Over all thoughts:

Even though this is a Indica dominant strain, it doesn’t come across that way, especially right when it hits you.  As you come down you may feel some Indica traits kick in but this is a very enjoyable high.  Your company will seem more enjoyable and you will want to take part in physical activity.

Although expensive, if you want the best this is a good option.  All the samples we have seen have been very appealing with many sticky trichomes making it even more pricy.

G13 gets an A+ for being at the top of the weed totem pole

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