Blueberry Weed Strain

Blueberry Weed

Blueberry weed strain is a mostly indica strain that does very well indoors and outdoors.  We have seen great luck with this strain outside, producing big yeilds and having a grow difficulty rating of low.

Smoke Attributes:

Utensils: Glass Pipe

Good taste, fruity and earthy

THC Content: 19%

Comments: Smooth smoke, taste fairly fruity.


Onset:4 scale of 1-10 fast-slow

Sativa Influence: 40% Sativa Influence

Indica Influence:60% Indica Influence

Potency: 7 strength from 1-10 weak-very potent

Duration of Effect: Up to 4 hours

Blueberry weed Uses:

Morning/ Wake up: 2

Day/Work: 4

Evening relaxing/Social: 8

Night/ Sleep: 8

Overall Satisfaction: 7 1-10 scale poor-great

Blueberry Positively Effects the Following Conditions:





Lack of Appetite


Comments: Blueberry  is quite generic at this point and so can treat a very broad array of conditions .

Final Thoughts:

Blueberry weed provides a great body high that starts in the eyes and head then creeps on you.  It is usually used as a relaxing strain not really known for being upbeat and energetic.  Users report a greater connection to music and other sensual stimulus making this a good option to enjoy before going to watch a movie.

Blueberry weed is not known for its potency and could be a good choice for newer patients.