Afghan Kush

afghan kush

THC Content- 20%

Taste- Fresh taste, quite smooth.

Effects- Afghan Kush is a creeper.  It engulfs your head and leaves you feeling tingly.  Afghan Kush will make you very hungry and possibly quite lazy.

Sativa Influence- 0%

Indica Influence- 100%

Potency- 9/10

Harshness- 5/10

Duration of effect- up to 5 hours

Best When Used:

In the AM- 2/10

During the Day- 6/10

Socializing- 7/10

During Responsibility- 2/10

At Night- 10/10

Effective at Treating:

Afghan Kush is a strain we recommend for experienced users.  We have heard reports that it is acceptable to use in the morning as a wake and bake choice, but have also heard that the comedown can be long and make you lazy like typical Indicas’ may.  This strain is a great relaxation tool, it can calm your anxiety if your having a bad day but make sure you don’t have many impending responsibilities.

Stress- 9/10

Pain- 6/10

Anxiety- 8/10

Insomnia- 9/10

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