headband weed


A mix of OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel, Headband has championship bloodlines.  This is my personal strain of choice for most activities.  Headband weed gets it name from the pressure you might feel around your head after using headband weed.


Euphoria – 9

Creativity – 8

Uplifted- 7

Happy- 7

Focused – 7

Medical Uses:

Stress – 10

Anxiety- 8

Pain – 6

Lack of Appetite- 6

THC Content: 16%

Aroma: Earthy and sweet

Over all thoughts:

The smoke is smooth and mild.  The high is great, coming on consistently and sharp.  I love this strain for active hobbies and being gin the outdoors.  Whether I am snowboarding or participating in an activity that requires concentration, I always choose headband weed.  I can imagine outcomes I want in sport and life in general, I think it is the creative effect coming out of it.

I think the combination if the 2 Kush strains along with Sour Diesel is a perfect balance making this a very versatile strain.

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