Recent Dispensary Raids

Recent Dispensary Raids-

Although it is illegal to use marijuana for any sort of recreational use, many people use it as a medicine because of its excellent properties in fighting pain. In recent years, medicinal marijuana has grown enormously in popularity, and know in some cities you don’t have to walk far to find a legitimate store that will sell you fresh marijuana, so long as you have a medical marijuana license.

The way it works is simple- you have your doctor who will give you a medicinal marijuana card so long as you have a condition that you need it for (usually it is something along the lines of nausea, trouble sleeping or general pain relief). Once you have your medical marijuana license, you are free to purchase anything at the local dispensaries, though it will have to be out of pocket.

 Technically, the sell and distributing of marijuana for a medicinal use is illegal, but the President gave a pardon years ago citing that there simply was too many other important things to worry about. Since then, the world of marijuana has thrived, especially in places along the west coast, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. In these dispensaries, you can not only find a wide range of different types of marijuana, but all other sorts of things.

Unfortunately, recently the DEA has felt the need to start raiding these dispensaries, as it has first started in California and now has spread over to many of the different states that allow medical marijuana. At the federal level, one will note that President Obama himself still stands firm that the dispensaries and the raiding that is happening are not a priority at the moment, so it is clearly the work of another organization. The DEA has claimed that a lot of the dispensaries that have been raided were operating illegally. This means that the business didn’t have a license to sell and distribute marijuana.

 On top of that, there were often times when an undercover agent would be successful in buying medicinal marijuana without a card, which is illegal. While there are people who welcome these raids, it does raise a couple of questions. For example, although it is no secret that some people were using medicinal marijuana for recreational use, there are those people who genuinely needed it for its pain killing properties. So for these people, they are going to have to look elsewhere for a way to treat the symptoms of their illness.

This is not only an unfair thing to do to these people, but it also puts them at risk, as there are few over the counter pain killers that are as effective and safe as medicinal marijuana. Having said that the DEA raids that have been taking place across the country have only closed down some of the dispensaries. A lot of the dispensaries operate as perfectly legitimate businesses with licenses, and if you try to buy marijuana without a card, you will be turned down.