Miracle Gro Loves Medical Marijuana

Its no secret that in the states where medical marijuana is legal there has been a steep incline in the amount of hydroponic supply stores.  But did we all forget about a few of the biggest suppliers of lawn and garden products like The Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart and K-mart?

You can find many miracle-gro products at each of the stores and they are most likely less expensive then the high end hydroponic brands.  I think every grower started off using some form of miracle gro’s products but quickly upgrade to choices like fox farm, pro-mix, canna etc.

Most seasoned and prfessional growers would agree that using miracle-gro is a newb technique and should be avoided because it has a reputation for being a mass produced economy product.  But what if it focused on making an elite line of products aimed at medical marijuana growers?  Would they have a niche? ”

“I want to target the pot market,” Scotts Miracle-Gro Company CEO Jim Hagedorn said to the Wall Street Journal.

With the medical marijuana industry predicted to hit 1.7 billion dollars this year it is no wonder why Mr. Hagedorn would want to break into the market.

With only 16 states having passed the medical marijuana law so far, the niche is still young and could be taken advantage of if marketed properly, surely they would generate revenue in the niche on the cost factor alone (if they don’t already).

On the other hand this could be a brave move for the company.  For one thing they have a very family/department store type reputation, how would selling pot growing supplies effect that?  Would their normal suppliers like wal-mart even carry those types of products?  And how much would be spent on research, development and marketing in a venture like this?  In many states the medical marijuana laws are still on shaky ground.  It could be a risk and will be interesting to see what plays out in the following months.

Would you buy marijuana growing supplies from Miracle-Gro?