Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt Smoke Weed?

Two of the most popular and most easily recognizable Olympic athletes have a reputation for using marijuana.  Michael Phelps is arguably the best Olympian of all time and from the USA where marijuana acceptance is steadily increasing.  Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive and comes from Jamaica, the Rasta capitol of the world and well known for its cannabis use.

michael phelps smoking weed

Michael Phelps hitting the Bong

While Phelps was actually photographed using marijuana via a water bong, Bolt has said that he hasn’t used marijuana as a competitor.  Either way, the idea of Olympic ‘heroes’ using marijuana stirs up a lot of controversy.  Of course since marijuana is illegal in so many places it is natural that it remains taboo.  However for cannabis enthusiasts the fact that such competitive athletes use marijuana at all is exciting.  It validates the facts that many pot smokers already know, that marijuana can be very beneficial in life and health.

Is Marijuana a performance enhancer?

In other sports like mixed martial arts there have been instances where competitors have been de-belted due to testing positive for marijuana.  The reason being listed that using weed was performance enhancing.  In the case of Nick Diaz, his championship belt was stripped from him after he tested positive.  The athletic commission said that the marijuana made the blows he endured ‘more tolerable’.  This seems quite ridiculous to me, for one, only Diaz knows if he was actually high during the fight.  He would have tested positive if he smoked any time prior to the fight.  One would think it would be a disadvantage to being stoned during a fight.  But on the other hand, Diaz is a ju-jitsu master, something that requires ‘flow’, something people testify weed has given them in other sports.

In the case of the Olympians I don’t think marijuana could be considered a performance enhancer.  I don’t think it helps you swim or run faster, so, why the ban?  It must be then that the Olympics cannot condone an illegal act.  All I have to say is that I better not see any under age Olympians sipping champagne in celebration! ; )

Obviously the world is not ready to pardon marijuana just yet, but with its medical benefits fueling its acceptance in many countries like the United States, maybe sometime in the near future marijuana use won’t be such a topic for news.

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