Maine Medical Marijuana News: Another Bust

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Police raided the home of Christopher Sirois in Industry Maine this past Tuesday.  Christopher was charged with felony drug trafficking after MDEA agents searched his home based on a search warrant for a hallucinegenic stimulant thought at this time to be MDMA.  While conducting the search agents found 200 marijuana plants in the home.

The charge holds a 10 year prison stay as punishment.

The twist here is that a Maine medical marijuana patient is also a resident in the home, complicating the process of charging Christopher and the woman who is a patient.  The unidentified woman , 44,  has multiple sclerosis and has been recommended by a doctor for medical marijuana in some form for years now. 

Agents are yet to charge the woman but did confiscate all but 6 of the flowering plants, since that is the legal limit for a medical marijuana patient in Maine. The woman was allowed to choose which 6 would be left behind. She could face, however, face charges of poseesing more than the legal limit of medical marijuana plants.

Sirois may also face charges of posessing the plants and his criminal charges would be greater than those set forth in the medical marijuana laws since he is not a patient.  Further investigation is pending.

Sirois says he plans to fight any charges in court an calls himself a marijuana legalization activist.

“It’s a plant from the get-go, man didn’t brew it in any way, shape or form throughout history,” Christopher says.

“Maine first, we should be legal, there is no reason for it to be illegal,” he said.

This story is the first that demonstrates the challenges of Maines Medical Marijuana program and the difficult postion both patients and law enforcement are in. 

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