Central Maine: Medical Marijuana Hub

Maine Integrative Health Care Leads the Way

According to the Kennebec Journal Dr. Dustin Sulak had 30 MMJ (medical marijuana patients) last fall and now checks in with about 1300!  Dr. Dustin Sulak is an Osteopath practicing out of Maine Integrative Health Care in Hallowell Maine.  Dr. Sulak feels the medical marijuana bill gives him a “hook” to introduce people to new and alternative forms of healing.  For example every new patient has a Reiki treatment performed on them as part of the initial consultation.  Reiki is a massage like procedure that aligns the body bodies energy flow and “breaks up” any blockage.  From personal experience I can tell you it is very beneficial! Also Dr. Sulak takes measures to educate his patients on many aspects of natural healing; the benefits of vitamin D, why quinoa seeds are good for you, the use of hypnotherapy etc.

As you walk into the entrance of Maine Integrative Health Care you see on your left a bulletin board with some resources for acquiring a care giver- a care giver is a private party who grows your medicine for you.  You also see many natural supplements for sale in a nice glass case.  Also displayed are sources for hydroponic grow supplies and other business cards advertising different marijuana strains.

Maine Integrative Health Care is an amazingly calm receptive facility exemplified by the sign on the door that reads; “SHHH Healing in Progress”.

For many Mainers Dr. Sulak is a pioneer and a godsend with one patient quoting; “Medicinal Marijuana has changed my life!”

Yup the medical marijuana business is booming in Central Maine with Dr. Sulak leading the way.  Dr. Sulak says that he is not taking any more patients at this time and is in the process of hiring more staff to handle the influx of patients.  Initial visits are 300 dollars paid in full and no insurance is accepted.  You may try to qualify for a sliding fee with up to a 50% discount.

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