Maine Caregiver Sits Down With ECM

Maine Caregiver Sits Down With ECM

ECM: Thanks so much for taking the time from your busy day to shoot the breeze.

CG: Hey No problem, I love talking about this stuff and the more we spread the word the better

ECM: Right on, so how has business been since the passing of the initiative?

CG: Ha, business is good, we are continually distributing the max amount of medicine to our 6 patients and they have been very happy with the product.

ECM: How rewarding is it to see the natural medicine you grow reach patients who really need it?

CG: Oh man, that’s it right there.  It is very rewarding, this is why we do this, we are passionate about this type of medicine and to see people have regular access to it is amazing.  It pushes me harder and harder to develop a better product, we are constantly researching the cutting edge technology and tactics in order to produce the best possible medicine.

ECM: I like that, so what strains are moving the best right now?

CG: We’re doing a little of everything.  We try to have a nice mix of indicas and sativas because our patients need different things.  Our Sour Deisel is a hot item along with Stars, Trainwreck and as always, many types of Kush.

ECM: MMM, nice.  How do you see th trend here on the east coast comparing to whats been happening in Cali?

CG: Well, its only gonna get bigger.  I don’t think this is going away and as it gets proven that this type of medicine can be managed and regulated it will open up new grounds.  I think California did some really good things and they have some things to work on.  I think Maine learned from what California has done and is building a respectable medical marijuana program.  But all in all it is going to continue to grow.

ECM: Ya I agree.  How did you get your start in this business?

CG: I have been an activist and enthusiast for a long time and felt that this stuff is something people could really benefit from.  That being said I was ex static to have the opportunity to turn my activism into a legit trade. I love this stuff.

ECM: Good answer.  What was hard about making the adjustment?

CG: Well for starters growing indoors is a huge switch.  Its way more difficult, but a lot cleaner with less poison ivy!

ECM: Yes that’s true.  With so many ways to cash in on this new industry what advice do you have for people wanting to break into the market?

CG: If your going to grow for patients please make sure your passionate about it. This is real medicine and I want to see all Maine patients have the best medicine thats availible.  If your not wanting to be a grower there are other ways to tap into this market, for example there are supply shops opening everywhere.  This blog is an example of how to monetize on the market.

ECM: Hey now don’t go giving away all the secrets.  Where do you see yourself as a caregiver in the next 5 years?

CG: Hopefully just reaching more patients.  They are working on a bill to increase the amount of medicine a caregiver can hold per patient in the event we have a poor harvest, they are also working on increasing the number of patients we are allowed to grow for.  These are the types of things that will evolve this industry and I hope to be on the cutting edge of it all.

ECM: Well thanks again for your time, those were great answers and I hope you join us again soon!

CG: My pleasure, I’m available anytime for you guys!