How Marijuana Changed My Life

How has Medical Marijuana changed your life?

medical marijuana

medicinal marijuana

Every person has a right and left side of their brain.  Most of us have one side of our brains that emerges as dominant.  Left brainer’s  are analytical thinkers good at math and science.  Right brained people are creative and great designers.  Hmm, think about what side of the brain you work with the majority of the time.  If you  are a person of logic you most likely notice that you lack the ability to create great art, to see things for what they could be.  Creative people say to you; “draw it like you see it” in art class.  You you’re a artsy person you may notice that you have thin number skills, don’t always say exactly what you mean, and hate statistics.  If you have ever taken the time to dwell on it you surely would have thought or dreamed about the greenness of the other side of the brain.  This is the way I felt for a majority of my life.  Once I realized I was left brain dominant I pined for the gift of creativity, dripped with envy of those who could sculpt, paint or manipulate words in a way that could make future generations of professors debate a single poem.  Then I made a discovery.

I grew up with Marijuana use never being taboo.  My folks used it and so did all their friends.  As a kid they told me things like “what happens in this house is family business.” That was always fine, I can’t say I agreed with it being a little fella who had to sit through hours of D.A.R.E. classes in elementary school. I considered drugs to be bad and marijuana a drug, but I had mixed feelings about the D.A.R.E. program. Especially when the instructor, the local sheriff, would refer to his service pistol as a “bullet launcher.”  I can’t tell if D.A.R.E worked or not but I never picked up the habit of getting high.  To be honest I just think I was too afraid to experiment with it, and then by the time I was a senior and a graduate, I just had that reputation for being sober.

After High School graduation I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, this detail will be more important further into my story but for now you should know this diagnoses really motivated me to “live” more.  I had to be hospitalized and there is just something about being sick that opens our minds to the things we may have been taking for granted.  After I got out of the hospital all of a sudden I had confidence to be an achiever.  This is when I decided I was going to attend University.  It was here I hit my “2nd puberty.”  I was an nontraditional student being a freshmen at the age of 23, this is just when my brain matured I guess (began to mature I should say). I had the confidence I feel like I should have had as a high school sophomore.

I can remember the first time I smoked weed but it didn’t have the influence on me as the first time I smoked weed in College.  It was a new atmosphere, it was a new beginning and now I was unafraid to try marijuana.  Most of the people were younger than me, I had no reason to be intimidated.  I used marijuana off and on socially never really thinking a lot about it.  I noticed it was fun to be high and it made things more humorous and sometimes more enjoyable, I tolerated the “anxiety” of being too stoned fairly well, able to tell myself “you just smoked too much, sit down take a deep breath.”  This is an obstacle for a lot of new marijuana users but once you get to know your own body and how the herb reacts you realize you have control.  This is how it was introduced to me.

It wasn’t until after another bout of colitis and college graduation that I really formed a relationship with marijuana.  I began to hear rumors that my colitis condition could qualify me for the medical marijuana use program.  This was interesting.  For the first time I began to think of marijuana as a health benefit.  Without consulting a doctor I began to read up online, I promptly decided I was going to give it a shot by self medicating.  I treated it like a prescription and took a few small doses throughout the day.  What I experienced was AMAZING.  I didn’t notice any effects on my colitis right off, but I did notice other cerebral effects.  All of a sudden I was able to see the other side, I was able to tap into the right brain. I’m not saying I became Picaso, but I did take on a new perspective of the world.  I became open minded ready to listen to all sides of an argument or debate.  In conversation I was able to be a more active listener, putting myself in the speakers position and feeling all out compassion for what they were saying.  When speaking I could better express myself and never became frustrated if the listener didn’t understand at first.

My self confidence rose and I felt like I could achieve anything that I could plan and imagine.  Throughout the day instead of the worst case scenario entering my brain, the best case scenario would enter my brain.  Positively flooded me on a regular basis and if I ever did feel negative, I could stop reassess and use my new found ability to coach myself into a positive, strong attitude.  With exercise I was able to imagine the results I wanted, able to “see” my muscles working in perfect unison with each other and growing accordingly.

I began to be able;

– To depict literature

– Appreciate all types of art

– Became interested in foreign cultures

– Was inspired by athletes

I Generally saw art and expression in all forms of talent and abilities.

Then there was music, OH MUSIC.  Not only did I learn to appreciate all forms of music but instead of focusing on the lyrics as I always had, I began to have rhythm!  I was able to and had the confidence to dance and move with the music I enjoyed.  I was able to meditate and block out external stressors.  All these things helped greatly with reducing my stress levels.  I was motivated, when medicated I could not sit still in front of the TV, down time was time lost better utilized taking advantage of life.

Most of my life I was constricted to seeing life one way, now I have two perspectives to judge the world against.  What an advantage!

Now I am a registered marijuana patient.
As far as my disease goes ill explain like this;

– 2002 first diagnosed, hospitalized for 7 days, lost 30 lbs, lots of pain, months of recovery, lots of harsh drugs with harsh side effects

– 2006 2nd episode, 7 days hospitalized, lost 20 lbs, lots of pain, months of recovery, more harsh drugs

-2010 the 4 year burden reappears in the form of a colitis flair up, however this time I had been medicating with marijuana for about a year. No hospitalization, No down time from school work or life. No weight lost. The use of medical marijuana along with modern medicine for acute situations has turned my condition around.  It hasn’t cured it, but look at my results, I’ll take it.

Looking back I wonder how my life would have been different if I would have started using marijuana sooner.  I guess Ill never know but somehow I’m sure the path was laid out this way for a reason.  I’m no longer dwelling on the past but look to the future and what can be accomplished.

This is how marijuana has changed my Life…

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