Grow Tips from an East Coast Pro

This is a Guest post from La8bloomer
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I haven’t seen too many people using my method, or my exact method. I don’t go big outdoors now, I’m trying to ween into indoor and be all legit, but this is what i did, this method was for huge grows and is a shit ton of work, but highly rewarding, if it were easy everyone would be doing it (seems like they are trying anyways).
First , if you want to grow weed outdoors you need to spend time scouting your spots, not gonna go into detail here, tons of info on this, but to summarize I look for clear cuts or bogs, using Google earth and then physically scout. Pros of clear cuts are that you wont get flooded and lots of light, cons are you most likely end up trucking in water.

Bogs are good because there is always water near and lots of light, downfall is that they suck to navigate ( good for security) and if it rains heavy you risk root rot.

Then I buy Pro-mix bails.. Some years ago the government asked promix to change there packaging to something more visible, if you remember they were black… I lug those heavy ass mofos to my grow site.  Strapping 2 to a backpack frame works well.  If you have a big budget use a whole bail, if not use half bails… allow me to explain.. YES i use the bails like a grow bag, I cut them in half with a box cutter and then cut slits in the bottom for drainage, this is especially handy for bog grows.

In a clear cut you can dig holes if you prefer but the roots will grow down through your slits into the ground and the bails work perfect. DISADVANTAGE is obviously that the bails dry out fast. You need to pay attention to rain.

That’s the most laborious part of growing weed outdoors. Next I turn all the soil up and let it sit for a few weeks. Then I bring in my clones, plant them and put chicken wire fence around EVERY plant.

For feed I use organic bone meal, blood meal,worm castings, fish emulsion, triple phosphate and bat guano.  Mix this up with vermiculite and perlite for the optimal grow medium

Upon the first visit i begin feeding the plants and pinch all tops. I pinch all tops every time i visit, very time consuming.

As soon as you begin to see white hairs discontinue pinching the tops

I switch nutes to more bone meal for flowering, I do this as soon as they start showing white hairs. I stake up all stalks and secure them, with rope or zip ties, My stalks are usually the size of my wrist and its not unusual to get pounders.

You need SEVERE self discipline to keep the plants in the woods long enough to finish, you’ll want to grab them up and keep them secure but you need to wait it out, i have lost many plants by waiting too long, but that’s the way it goes. If you harvest too soon the buds may look decent, but once they are dried you will probably be disappointed.

I harvest the tops and leave the bottoms for a few more weeks to finish.

and that’s that, I think the big difference in my method is using the bails a as a grow bag… I have gotten pounders from growing out of half bails, it works awesome.

I use massive hockey gear bags when Im out there and stuff those things full.

My personal biggest grow was 99 with spots of 20ish and 30ish, with some plants dying throughout the season.

..oh I also use slugg-o or some other type of slug repellent, this is a must. Something to repel mice from chewing stalks is also a good idea.

My favorite strains for growing weed outdoors are Durben, Blueberry, skunk and purple afghan

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