The Power of CO2

The power of Co2

Co2  is a crucial part of any indoor grow.  A plant in a confined space will eventually use up all the Co2 and replace it with oxygen.  Think of it as a human breathing in and out of a balloon, the exact opposite happens, you use all the O2 and replace it with Co2.  You will soon pass out.

When setting up a Co2 tank you should place fans in all corners of the room so that the Co2 stays consistent and is always being renewed in order for the plants to utilize it properly.  The Co2 concentrations may be sufficient just a few inches from the leaves but may be depleted where they need it most.
In order to ensure you have the proper amount of Co2 gas in the air you will need to measure the parts per million.  You can get a simple Co2 test kit here.  You are looking for 1300 – 2000 ppm of Co2 in the air consistently.  Without proper circulation the Co2 will simply fall to the floor and be useless to your plants.  Even with moderate circulation the Co2 will not be effective enough, the more fans the better.  Remember to aim some of those fans vertically from the floor up!

Keep in mind that Co2 production is only 1 of the major parts of air quality for your plants.  You also need to have proper ventilation, humidity and temperature.

Also a key point to remember is that the more Co2 you add the more water and nutrients you will need to have.  A plant that transpires a quart of water daily will use at least double that with proper Co2 enhancement.