Indoor Odor Control

There are many great options out there to keep that sweet stench from drawing unwanted attention to your grow room. Lets go over some options;

Carbon Filter

The carbon filter works when your fans pass stinky air through the carbon in the filter. The carbon traps the smell via chemical bond. The result is clean smelling air exiting your room

ONA Gels

ONA gel and mist was originally designed to offset the smell of industrial plants, fro example a sewer treatment facility. The gel or mist works by bonding to the atoms of the smell throughout the room. The air doesn’t have to be pushed through with a fan.

Ozone generator

An ozone generator does exactly what it says. It creates Co3. Co3 is capable of neutralizing odors. It is recommended that you pass exhaust air past an ozone generator and not keep it too close to the plants. It is also recommended that ozone generators NOT be used in a home or confined space. This is due to the fact that Co3 causes respiratory problems and trouble breathing.

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